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We change lives through intelligent movement.

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A Self-Development Program for Kids of All Ages

If you want to help your child learn how to take charge, develop character and achieve greatness, Stick with Character is the answer. It offers practical information, activities, techniques and brain integration skills that kids can apply to everyday situations, tasks and challenges.

The Stick with Character program helps kids:

  • Build a solid foundation of character

  • Stimulate and strengthen their brain and build cognitive skills

  • Learn better, achieve academic success and thrive

  • Focus and concentrate better, reducing the risk of ADD and ADHD

The Stick with Character

Program Includes

  • Over 80 videos (6 training modules, with the option to train with a partner at home or with Dan, Sensei and founder)

  • 4 SWC sticks

  • Interactive Mountain Thinking banner

  • SWC belt - 4 colored belt stripes, which identify levels achieved

$100 OFF

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About The Program

Stick with Character combines concepts and principles of the Martial Arts with character education  through movement to establish intrinsic motivation.


                                        The Program’s Pillars

Character Development

Students face physical and mental challenges, in which they apply all six steps of our “Mountain Thinking” process:

  1. Responsibility

  2. Respect

  3. Self-Control

  4. Practice

  5. Perseverance

  6. Performance

To unlock each character trait, students complete different activities that challenge them and help them grow.

Practicing in a supervised, coached setting helps students develop self-discipline and connect emotionally with the Mountain Thinking character traits. Since they physically experience their character development, they retain what they have learned and are able to apply the concepts to their daily lives at school, at home and in the community.

Brain Integration

Physical challenges to the brain, like those in effect throughout Stick with Character, help build cognitive skills. According to Dr. Jim Fadigan, the CEO, chairman and founder of Learn to Learn, Inc, brain integration through movement is literally “exercise for the brain.” Dr. Fadigan endorses the program and agrees that Stick With Character  helps students learn and focus better.

Physical and Mental Development

Physical attributes and traits are crucial in all types of sports activities. So it comes as no surprise that the Stick with Character program also emphasizes the importance of physicality. Combined with the most effective exercises, the program develops a unique connection between the body and the mind. Together, both elements influence more than just coordination and rhythm, but also teamwork and spatial awareness.

 Stick with Character Helps Students Develop

  • Coordination: the ability to use two or more parts of the body together smoothly as well as efficiently

  • Rhythm: a combination of physical movements set to timing and beats in physical activity

  • Timing: a combination of decision-making, coordination and reaction time

  • Focus: the act of concentrating their interest or activity on something without being distracted

  • Balance: their ability to maintain equilibrium, whether stationary or moving

  • Reaction time: the time needed to respond between a stimulus and a response

  • Spatial awareness: knowing where their body is in space concerning objects or other people

  • Speed: their ability to move all or part of the body quickly

  • Teamwork: the effort to work together with their partner who shares a common goal

  • Breathing techniques (for practicing self-control):  using deep breathing to calm themselves, enhance their focus and relax the body.

Meet the Founder and Creator


Dan Moriarty, a former public school P.E. teacher, is the man behind  Stick with Character. He combines his love for Martial Arts and his willingness to share high-quality educational material with the youngest generation. That’s why his signature program focuses on character development and brain integration instead of kicks and punches.

Dan is a 10th-degree black belt with over 30 years of experience in teaching Martial Arts and coaching. He also taught physical education for 10 years in Missouri’s Parkway School District. 

After training more than 40,000 children in Missouri, Dan developed  Stick With Character to help kids improve their brain integration, enhance their learning and of course, have fun!

What Students Can Expect

The Stick with Character program changes lives. But don’t just take it from us. 

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