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Don't take our word for it... 

Testimonial from Dr. Marvin W. Berkowitz, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Co-Director, Sanford N. McDonnell Endowed Professor of Character Education, UMSL

Director of the Leadership Academy in Character Education, St. Louis.

National Speaker and Presenter


"I was approached some years ago by Principals I know who were excellent. They lead their schools to national recognition in character education who told me about this guy Dan Moriarty, who taught his character programs in their schools and they loved it! And these were folks who were tough to please. They weren’t looking for some add-on program, they were looking for something substantive, and they found it in Dan’s work, and the closer I looked the more I agreed with them. He knows what he is doing and it’s certainly worth doing! As an expert, he understands very well how to develop those qualities of character such as responsibility, respect, self-control and perseverance. Those are qualities that are a part of character in general, but particularly appropriately to be taught though his organization. He is an accomplished expert and I endorse his work completely!“

Thomas Lickona, Ph.D.

Developmental psychologist

Professor of Education at the State University of New York at Cortland

Director of the Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs (Respect and Responsibility).

Past president of the Association for Moral Education

National Character Education Speaker

“Dan’s unique approach to teaching character and incorporating the inner qualities of the martial arts is nothing short of brilliant. Dan has discovered common behavior patterns in our children that limit their character growth, and has designed techniques that coach them beyond those limits. His character program is the foundation that ALL of our children need and should have access to! I fully support his movement and stand behind his teachings.”

David Shields, Ph.D.

Director of the Teacher Education Program -

St. Louis Community college

Founder of

Educational Psychologist

Research of Character Development - 30 years

“One of the things I really love about Dan’s program is that it enables the kids to have this physical challenge, and take ownership of their own process. They experience getting in touch with their own desire to accomplish something. This cultivates their intrinsic motivation, and that’s really empowering.  It gives those kids a sense that they can accomplish something because THEY want to accomplish it.


Once they experience that, it becomes a model that they can build upon for other types of learning outcomes.”

Dr. Tom Loughrey, Ph,D

Associate Professor

Department Head Physical Education, UMSL

Executive Director  M.A.P.H.E.R.D.

Missouri Association for Physical Health Education Recreation and Dance

“Kids are looking for ways to feel capable and accepted, and for ways they can excel. It’s programs like Dan’s that have operated so successfully in the schools that we need now more than ever to increase the likelihood that children will grow up feeling empowered, accepted and engaged in their lives. Stick with Character focuses on personal and social development, self-discipline, and will teach our nation of children so they can perform at their best. This is one of the most critical things we can do for our children in education.”

Brenda Bredemeier 

Moral Development and Character researcher from UMSL.

“Dan’s character research is intuitively aligned with the published character research of today.”


Principal - Parkway Schools

“In the nine years that I have been involved with character education, I have never seen a program that was so meaningful to students!  Parents were very vocal about their support of this program and the positive influence that it had on their children!”

Ginny Waltz

Instructional Coordinator

St. Louis Public Schools

“We saw students attend to the MAP in ways they had not attended in the past, test scores improved and teachers saw far greater test-taking performance than on tests over the preceding years. During the program the absentee rate dropped to an all-time low which was attributed to the high interest the program was generating throughout the school. Our students and staff have been positively affected by the theme, focus, and language of this program!” 

Debby Watson

Chair, PE/Health

Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill

“Students not only learn concepts of character education but they immediately put those concepts in to action. Teachers, administrators, and parents were pleased with the student’s ability to apply the concepts in to daily interaction!”

Janis Wiley


St. Louis Public Schools

“I want to congratulate you on an outstanding character development program. Your program has what it take to succeed in an urban setting; empathy, consideration, respect, and high expectations for our children, plus relevant, high-interest instructional programming.” 

“I use the breathing and focusing techniques in my swimming lessons and baseball practice…”


3rd Grade Student

"Mountain thinking taught me if i keep applying effort - I'll get to where I want to be" 


2nd Grade Student

“I have learned how to focus and calm down when I am nervous.  I can now calm down when I am mad at something.”


5th Grade Student


“I used the “mountain thinking” in the Missouri Math Competition and did very well.”


3rd Grade Student

“You taught me to stay calm. I am frequently doing that during tests.  Thank you!”


3rd Grade Student

“I really learned how to keep my focus, I learned about responsibility, respect, self-control and courage.  Thank you.”


5th Grade Student

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